ProutDNS v0.6.3-rc2

- Dynamic IP Update (only for A/AAAA/A6/NS) :

To perform a dynamic update of a hostname, you just have to make a http request.

Default syntax :,HOST2
You can also use a $key instead of $user and $pwd :,HOST2
   (You can get/change your key in the User Area)

If you want to update all your hostnames at one time, use the syntax :
Your IP address is automaticaly detected. However, if you want to specify another IP, you can use the syntax :
You can also use an extra &mx= variable (only for A hostnames) :
  &mx= : only update ip (default)
  &mx=0 : update ip + disable mx
  &mx=1 : update ip + enable/update mx
  &mx=2 : only enable/update mx
  &mx=3 : only disable mx

- Clients :

There are several clients which are compatible with us.
  Try google to find one. :)